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Combustion, the new element mastered by Sermeta
Improving our product performance means pushing permanently their limits. After such innovations like the hydrofomed coil in the 90’s, the Isotermic in the 2000’s, the Full Heat Condens in 2011, Sermeta new challenge was to integrate the complete combustion function. This integration allows going further in the energy optimization and the fight against pollution.

After years of research and development, Sermeta is now able to launch a cutting edge product: the BLUEJET® burner.

Its high performance allows reaching significant gain in NOx and CO reduction. Optimized for Sermeta’s heat exchangers, BLUEJET® burner can be used for heating and sanitary hot water applications in both domestic and industrial environments.

The BLUEJET® range

Available in diameter from 40 mm to 380 mm and length from 30 mm to 600 mm, and even more. The BLUEJET® burner is THE solution to increase the performances.

A new dedicated production line allows us to offer a huge production capacity, answering to market expectations and specific customers’ needs.

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