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Thanks to its continuous financial and human investment since more than 20 years, Sermeta company is today the international leader of the stainless steel gas condensing heat exchangers manufacturers.

From the manufacturing of the stainless steel coils through the injection of the plastic shapes, passing by state of the art manufacturing processes, each manufacturing stage is analyzed and optimized to supply to its customers high quality products, innovative and at very competitive prices.

The whole company Sermeta is certified ISO 9001 version 2008 (organization, quality system, manufacturing, R&D).

To meet the increasing expectations of the market with regard to energy savings and protection of the environment, Sermeta heat exchanger is the answer for professionals of this sector.

INNOVATE TO OPTIMIZE THE ENERGY summarizes the approach of Sermeta.

Efficiency of Sermeta products

Thanks to the innovative conception of its products, exploiting the condensation principle, Sermeta has developed ranges of heat exchangers from 15kW to 500kW, offering never reached efficiency levels.

Such efficiency levels enable energy savings for the end user of the boilers and reduction of pollutant emissions in the atmosphere.

A Sermeta heat exchangers allows a reduction of the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere each year up to 1.5 tons, that is to say 25% less than the average of traditional boilers. The 15 million Sermeta heat exchangers in the world allow to avoid more than 22 million tons of CO2 emission a year!